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Charles de Gaulle Airport CDG

The airport Charles de Gaulle, CDG that is usually mentioned as Paris Roissy Airport is the largest airport in Paris and the second in terms of traffic after London Heathrow. It serves approximately 60 milion passengers per year and in the classification it is exactly above the airports of Frankfurt (55 million) and Madrid (52.5 million).
The airport Charles de Gaulle, CDG is situated 23 km northeast of Paris and it is connected to it with RER in only 45 minutes. For reaching it by car, you can follow the Α1 highway which has direct exit to the airport and the Α3, that leads to Α1 and Charles de Gaulle. Depending on the traffic conditions the route between Paris and the airport Charles de Gaulle, CDG lasts 20 to 30 minutes .
The Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris has 3 Terminals that are connected with the internal train CDGVAL and serves approximately 200.000 passengers daily. The Terminal 1 is the oldest serving only international flights of all companies except Air France. The Terminal 2 serves all the flights of Air France to Europe and the third Terminal (T3) that recently renamed to Τ9 serves exclusively charter flights and flights of low cost companies from and to Charles de Gaulle.

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CDG Services

  • Among the 3 Terminals of Charles de Gaulle Airport, the most developed is Terminal 2. It has 7 different gates (2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F and 2G) and by the year 2010 it will be extended even more, aiming to increase its capacity to 70 million travellers.
  • On the installations of Charles de Gaulle airport, apart from the main facilities there are also cargo loading aera, next to the airport, which covers 10% of the total surface and the mailing department, which has become a point of interconnection of the main postal routes in Europe.
  • Some of the services and facilities that you will find at the airport Charles de Gaulle are restaurants, coffee shops, commercial shops, banks and ATMs (with options for currency), first aid station, free internet access, parking for long or short stay, luggage storage office, accessibility by the disabled and one of the best duty free halls.

    CDG airport useful info

    • In total, 18 low cost air companies operate flights from Charles de Gaulle, with first in connections, Vueling.
    • Since 2006 the French Government has expressed the desire to provide within Charles de Gaulle Airport a specific Terminal exclusively for flights to high-risk countries such as Israel. The 2Ε gate of Terminal 2 in Charles de Gaulle serves exactly that purpose using high technology and increased security measures.
    • With the same train RER that connects the airport Charles de Gaulle with Paris in 45 minutes, someone can also go to Disneyland in 30 minutes or other cities such as Lille and Brussels in only one hour.
    • The natural area with the intense vegetation in which the airport Charles de Gaulle is situated has as a result not to be at all unusual to see a rabbit around on your landing or take-off, although the airport authorities carry out periodic checks in order to limit them from the area of the airport.
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