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New York JFK Airport

The international airport of John F. Kennedy JFK is situated in the area of Queens in the southeast edge of New York and about 19km from Lower Manhattan. JFK airport is the base of the airlines Delta Airlines and American Airlines. The JFK airport is the first airport in terms of circulation in the USA and the second busiest after Heathrow airport in London in the world. JFK employs 35,000 employees. The most popular route from the JFK airport is the JFK - London. Other frequent routes operated from JFK airport are to Paris, Frankfurt and Tokyo.
At the JFK airport there are 8 Terminals (passenger stations) which are situated in the center of the airport in the formation of a U. They are grouped together along with the individual stands in 5 wards. The most developed Terminal is number 4. Terminal 4 hosts 50 airline companies, representing 40 countries, that serve routes both within the U.S. and overseas. This is one of the largest Terminals in North America which is used by 11 million travelers per year. Terminals 2 and 3 are used almost exclusively by Delta Airlines and Terminal 5 by JetBlue Airways.

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New York JFK Terminals

  • Terminal 4 at JFK airport features 17 gates and opened in May of 2001. Terminal 4 houses the only train station located within the airport. Airtrain connects all Terminals between each other, but also with the New York metro at Howard Beach station.
  • Terminal 4 in JFK airport offers a variety of shopping options before final boarding, so travelers can enjoy shopping but also take a break for lunch or coffee. Terminal 8 was officially opened in August of 2007 and is also quite large with plenty of options for shopping and dining.
  • On August 1st 2008, Terminal 4 of JFK airport welcomed the first scheduled flight of the gigantic Airbus A380 of the airline company Emirates flying in directly from Dubai.

New York JFK Connections

  • AirTrain departing from inside the airport of JFK is connected with the metro of New York and its rail network. For your transportation between the passenger stations (Terminals) the use of the train is free of charge, while for destinations outside the airport the cost is around 5 dollars. The trip duration between JFK airport and the center of Manhattan is approximately 35 minutes.
  • Other connections from the international airport JFK to the city of New York are operated by the buses Q3, Q6, Q7 and A15, but also by private buses heading to Manhattan, Hudson Valley and Long Island. Taxi from JFK airport to Manhattan will cost you around 45 dollars (without the cost of tolls), depending on traffic.
  • When travelling by car, the international airport JFK of New York is served by the Van Wyck Expressway (I-678). Parking is considered quite easy at the airport since there are 17.000 parking slots.
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