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Berlin Schoenefeld International Airport SXF

The international airport Schoenefeld in Berlin is situated at the south part of the city and is expected to become the main airport of Germany as it operates the majority of flights from and to Berlin. Nowadays, the airport Schoenefeld in Berlin is used mainly by companies of low cost and serves more than 6,3 million passengers. In the future it is forecasted that this number will be quadrupled. The airport Schoenefeld in Berlin is mainly reported as the "Holiday airport", because flights charters travel from there to international destinations.
You can get to the airport Schoenefeld in Berlin from here by using the Airport Express train, which departs from the central railway station of Berlin Hauptbahnhof and reaches Berlin Schoenefeld airport in 28 minutes. You can still use the railway lines S9 and S45 that leave every 10 minutes from and to the airport. Also, you can use the bus line services 162, 163, 171, 734, 736, N60, N71 and X7 from the majority of the terminals o the airport Schoenefeld in Berlin.

Book Air Tickets for the airport Berlin SXF

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Berlin Schoenefeld Terminals

  • Terminal A is the biggest terminal of the Schoenefeld Airport in Berlin and also constitutes the base of EasyJet for all its itineraries to France, Switzerland and United Kingdom. The airline companies that use the airport Schoenefeld in Berlin are Aeroflot, EasyJet, Egyptair, Hamburg International, Iceland Express, IcelandAir, Middle East Airlines, Ryanair, Sky Airlines, Syrian Arab Airlines, Tunisair.
  • Terminal B is used as an extension of Terminal A, and serves flights of EasyJet for the rest of its programmed itineraries in Europe.
  • Terminal D is used mainly by Condor and Germanwings, but also for the majority of flights from and to Israel. Additionally, it is used by Aer Lingus, El Al and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Berlin Schoenefeld Useful Information

  • Among the services that are offered in the airport Schoenefeld of Berlin you may find long and short term parking facilities. You can use the parking for free for at least 10 minutes.
  • The airport of Schoenefeld in Berlin is fully equipped in order to offe the best service for travelers with special needs.
  • Finally, in the airport Schoenefeld there is a "Lost and Found" office , which operates from 07.30 in the morning until 22.00 in the evening, as well as restaurants, cafeterias, duty-free shops and various other shops.
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