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Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL)

The airport Tegel is one of the three main airports of Berlin, which serves flights mainly to Western Europe. Berlin Tegel Airport is situated 8 km. north-westernly from Berlin and is connected with Berlin by train and bus. The distance from Berlin Tegel Airport by bus is covered in 15 minutes. You can find shops, duty-free, post, subsidiaries of banks, exchange offices, areas for professional use and benefits for persons with special needs in Tegel Airport.
You can get to the center of Berlin from the airport Tegel of Berlin by bus line Jet Express which departs from the center of Berlin and more specifically from square Alexanderplatz. Also, bus lines 128, 108 and X9 leave from the airport of Tegel to various destinations in Berlin beyond the center of Berlin. In Tegel Airport, there is also a taxi stand in the area of arrivals, from where you can get to any destination!

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Berlin Tegel Airport Terminals

  • Terminal A in the airport of Tegel in Berlin has the shape of an hexagon and allocates parking spaces in its centre. It allocates 16 gates and serves the main volume of flights in Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Terminal B in the airport of Tegel, practically constitutes a part of Terminal A, and it is used only in peak days.
  • Terminal C in the airport of Tegel allocates 19 check-in counters and substantially it is the base of air company Air Berlin.
  • Terminal D of Berlin Tegel Airport allocates 22 check-in counters and constitutes the second main terminal. It usually serves the flights that reach late in the evening or very early in the morning, as well as domestic flights in Germany. Terminal E is the first floor of Terminal D.

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